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The Art of Terracotta

Checkin out some wonderful warriors! #terracottaarmy #warrior #china


Latimer: Overnight trains in China are an experience, let me tell you! On my tour I think I ended up taking 4 of them. I was really worried about the first one, because I like my creature comforts; I’m not proper backpacker material at all! So, standing in the unbelievably crowded Beijing train station waiting to board the overnight train to Xi’an was where my mind was racing with the thought –…

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Ireland Comic Con 2014

Ireland Comic Con, were you at it? #mcmcomiccon #dublin

IMG_20140412_174850Ridley: The first ever MCM Ireland Comic Con came to the RDS in Dublin during the weekend and I decided to check it out! There were kids dressed up to the nines in fantastic costumes, award winning comic book artists, famous television personalities and numerous stalls selling fantastic bits and bobs, all of which were anime, comic, and game related. IMG_20140412_170236 IMG_20140412_165937Basically it was a massive amount of fun…

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Walking along a Wall

Best wall I ever walked on! #thegreatwall #china #travel


Latimer: There are lots of things to be excited about when you’re going on holidays; you don’t have to worry about work, you’re going somewhere new and you can relax and do what you want – it’s a great feeling. Aside from the food, which is one of my most favourite things about being on holidays, one of the best things is getting to see famous places you’ve only seen on the TV!

In Beijing there…

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Middle Kingdom Musings

Middle Kingdom Musings, Day one China! #holidays #travel


Latimer: I’m back! For reals, not from a place of scheduled posts! Yup, my epic trip around China has ended and I’m now suffering from a major case of ‘holiday hangover’. You know the feeling; ‘It hurts so bad! It’s over!’

I think the only cure is to go on holiday again… *cue sneaky smile* well, maybe you never know!

Basically this can be applied to holidays too o_O

Basically this can be applied to holidays too o_O

But for now let me rewind my…

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Holiday Photos

Must ‘see’ places! #travel

Stop taking photos and enjoy!

Stop taking photos and enjoy!

Latimer: I love taking photos, and ever since I got a smart phone, I take photos almost all the time. But I’m honestly trying to put the phone down and just enjoy the experience when out and about. ‘Just be’ – something like that!

I hope I put that into practice, on my trip, as comes to an end now :(

And as I’m looking forward, from the past, at the travelling I’m…

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Holiday Happiness

Holiday Happiness! #travel

Just sitting....

Just sitting….

Latimer: Yup, I’m still away! And… yup, still not 100% where I might be at the moment!

“No matter where you go – there you are”

I’d say about now, I’d be looking forward to a nice cup of tea and a cheese sandwich – my typical, ‘comfort stuffs I look forward to having after I come home’.

But well, keeping with the travel/world theme here’s a cool multi-language version of Let it Go…

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Holiday Eats and Paddy’s Day

Holiday Eats are the best! #travel

Latimer eating

Food, glorious FOOD!

Latimer: Where am I now? I’m not too sure really, but I bet I am eating my own weight in noodles, at least I hope so or I will be so very disappointed in myself! (Don’t disappoint me future self!)


It’s also Paddy’s Day today (Lá Fhéile Pádraig) – the first one that I’ll be spending off of the auld sod! It’ll make me smile if I see some shamrocks and a bit of green in China…

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A Jet Plane

Heading off on an adventure! #travel

Off on a holiday

Off on a holiday

Latimer: I’m off on an adventure! Huzzah! I wonder where, can you guess? Yeah, not to subtle a hint there I think! For the next short while I’ll be posting from the past via scheduled posts!

I know it’s cheesy, but whenever I go on holidays, I keep singing this song for the days leading up to the holiday, so yeah - take it away John Denver via Mr Schuester :)


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Our Writing Process Blog Hop

Our Writing Process Blog Hop


So we were asked by our good twitter and writer friend, James T Kelly, to take part in the Writing Process Blog Hop. Last week, James posted his response to the same questions we have below, so make sure you check them out here. Also while you’re at it, why not pop on over to Smashwords and check out his great short stories, The Homeless Hero and You Are Just A Guest.

So on to the questions…..


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